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Devices that have used the Symbian OS

  • Ericsson R380 (2000) was the first commercially available smartphone based on Symbian OS
  • Nokia 9210 Communicator smartphone (32-bit 66 MHz ARM9-based RISC CPU) (2001), 9300 Communicator (2004), 9500 Communicator (2004) using the Nokia Series 80 interface
  • Sony Ericsson P800 (2002), P900 (2003), P910 (2004), Motorola A920, A925, A1000, DoCoMo M1000, BenQ P30, P31 and Nokia 6708 using the UIQ user interface.
  • Nokia Series 60 (2002)
    • Nokia Series 60 is used in various phones, the first being the Nokia 7650, then the Nokia 3650, followed by the Nokia 3620/3660, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7610 and Nokia 6670. The Nokia N-Gage and Nokia N-Gage QD gaming/smartphone combos are also Series 60 platform devices. It was also used on other manufacturers' phones such as the Siemens SX1 and Sendo X. Recent, more advanced devices using Series 60 include the Nokia 6630, the Nokia 6680 and a next generation N series, including the Nokia N70, Nokia N90, and Nokia N91.
  • Nokia 7710 (2004) using the Nokia Series 90 interface.
  • Fujitsu and Mitsubishi phones for NTT DoCoMo in Japan, using an interface developed specifically for them often called FOMA after the DoCoMo "Freedom of Mobile Access" network brand


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