IT Marketing Secrets on Seminars and White Papers

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IT Marketing Secrets on Seminars and White Papers
 by: Joshua Feinberg

In order to sell a solution, you have to build awareness that there is a problem. Once you have built that awareness, you need to build awareness that your firm can solve that problem. Then you need to build awareness that your solution is relatively pain-free, seamless, affordable, and gives companies good return on investment. This article will show you ways to do that.


Seminar Marketing is Very Effective

Seminar marketing is one of the best forms of IT marketing because it builds awareness. Instead of you or your salespeople going around on sales calls and spending an hour or two talking about the fundamentals to individuals, you can do pretty much the same thing in room full of prospects simultaneously.

No Pressure on Your Prospects

And it's MUCH less intimidating to your prospects. With the right registration, the right follow-up procedures, the right qualifications, the right invitation strategy, and right follow-up calls, you can do a tremendous amount of business from holding seminars on key technology issues for your niche. For more information on holding seminars, check out my Sweet Spot Clients Teleseminar Series ().

IT Marketing: White Papers

Publishing a white paper or an e-zine is another really great way for a lead capture and follow-up mechanism. Let's say you're running a direct mail campaign. One of the best ways to get a response is to offer some kind of white paper that you can give out that has a high perceived value.

This white paper can either be developed by you, outsourced to a freelance writer, or you can adapt something from one of the reseller programs you belong to. Of course if you regularly do seminars, you can simply offer an edited transcript or white paper based on the seminar to help with your IT marketing.

IT Marketing: Get the Word Out

You can advertise your white paper when doing any kind of display ads or direct mail piece. It gives people an excuse to call or excuse to go online and request something. Once they request something, you have a way of capturing their information and using it for further your IT marketing processes.

The Bottom Line on IT Marketing

To maximize your value to prospects, you need to let them know what problems they have and how you can solve it. Two great ways to do this are by holding seminars and advertising your white paper to prospects.

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